February 22-28, 2010

The time has come for a seminal event in the evolution of Brazil Camp and the larger dissemination of Brazilian culture to North America and the globe. It’s time to bring together intermediate and advanced students and several of the finest music and capoeira talents in Brazil in one of the country’s most beautiful locales.

Students at California Brazil Camp have requested for many years the opportunity to study in Brazil — to soak up the music and culture in place where it was born. After literally years of scouting for the ideal  location and the ideal teachers, we are now proud to offer a truly remarkable experience to intermediate and advanced students from North America, Brazil, and beyond.

We will provide four unique programs of study. The three music programs are for intermediate/advanced players already proficient in their instruments — beginners are welcome as observers only.

  • Hermeto Workshop
    Hermeto Pascoal, one of the most spectacular musical talents in the world and reknowned as a composer and improvisor, has agreed to conduct a master’s class with his long-time arranger and pianist, Jovino Santos Neto. As Hermeto travels rarely nowadays, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are honored to offer it.
  • Sacred Drumming Workshop
    The sacred drumming program covers not only Afro-Brazilian candomblé but Cuban traditions as well, and the inter-relationships of the varied traditions. Hand drummers will learn advanced rhythmic parts and songs.
  • Choro Workshop
    Led by guitarist Alessandro Penezzi and Brasilia-based Ted Falcon on mandolin and violin.
  • Capoeira Workshop
    Our capoeira program will be challenging and great fun for all levels, and conducted by excellent mestres.

Additionally, all participants are welcome and encouraged to participate in a special morning program: