This workshop, led by Ted Falcon and Alessandro Penezzi, will vary in format slightly based on the number of students, musical expertise, and the instruments they play.  Ted will be instructing lead instrumentalists including violin, mandolin, clarinet, and flute with workshops focusing on choro style, improvisation, swing and ensemble play.  Alessandro will focus on students’ understanding harmonic development. This workshop will challenge musicians to reach their fullest musical potential.

“We all know the great importance of Choro, seen in Brazil as the first genuinely Brazilian popular music. We also know to treat choro as a complex genre, difficult to execute, that demands complete mastery of the instrument.  But it’s not just this. The harmony of choro consists of several parts:  all the chords in a constant progression, unexpected modulations, conventional aspects, breaks, counterpoint, etc. There are many stories of composers that take pleasure watching guitars and cavaquinhos struggle, trying to accompany their choros.  There are many examples of this, such as  ‘O nó’, ‘Cuidado Colega’, ‘Cuidado, Violão’, ‘Modulando’, ‘Praga de Sogra’, ‘Papo de Anjo’, ‘Ingênuo’, ‘Sofres porque queres’, ‘Tema Saudade’, and ‘Gloria”.  Immediately, in these cases, the harmonic role becomes the second plan. There is much richness to be discovered.
“Our objective in this workshop will be to do a practical study of harmonic constructions that repeat in the first part of several choros and waltzes.” Please remember that this is a master class format, for musicians already proficient with their instrument. Beginners are welcome as observers only.

We’ll study:
1)  Cochichando (Pixinguinha)
2)  Desvairada (Garoto)
3)  Na casa do Athayde (Luperce Miranda)
4)  Pagão (Pixinguinha)
5)  Amoroso (Garoto)
6)  Saxofone, por que choras? (Ratinho)
7)  Murmurando (Fon-Fon)
8)  Sonoroso (K-Ximbinho)
9)  Bola Preta (Jacob do Bandolim)
10)  Velhos Tempos (Jacob do Bandolim)
11)  Mentiroso (Antonio Rago)
12)  Serenata no Joá  (Radamés Gnattali)
13)  Quebrando o Galho (Jacob do Bandolim)
14)  Sempre Teu (Jacob do Bandolim)
15)  Chorinho na Praia (Jacob do Bandolim)
16)  Tira Poeira  (Sátiro Bilyar)
17)  O Boêmio  (Anacleto de Medeiros)
18)  Doralice  (Dorival Caymmi)
19)  Pára-quedista (José Leocádio)


  • Alessandro Penezzi, choro guitarist (site)
  • Ted Falcon, American mandolinist and violinist now teaching in Brasilia (site)