Q. I’m familiar with California Brazil Camp — how does this differ?
A. Several points to keep in mind about Ubatuba Brazil Camp 2010:

  • Think “master classes”, not “all levels”.
  • Not for dancers and not for batucada. The sessions focus on instrumental genres that require at least intermediate competency of your instrument — be reasonably comfortable playing choro and Brazilian jazz, not a beginner.
  • Fewer students — 50 at most.
  • We’re on a tropical beach.
  • We’re in Brazil!

Q. Do I need a passport or a visa?
A. Unless you hold a Brazilian passport, you will need proper documentation to enter Brazil.  (Remember that these cannot be obtained at the last minute!) Americans require both a passport issued by the U.S. Department of State and a visa issued by a Brazilian consulate. Consult the consulate nearest you for the most recent rules for all other passports.

Q. Can you recommend a travel agent?
A. We are happy to recommend Ligia Waib at 800/769-9669 (toll-free for callers in the U.S. or Canada) or

Q. Who is this camp for?
A. The music programs are for intermediate and advanced musicians. In other words, you will learn to play better but you will already need to know how to play. The capoeira program will be all-levels. Students are expected from several continents, but we are promoting the program primarily in the United States and Brazil; expect a number of students from Brazil to be in attendance.

Q. No dance program?
A. Unfortunately, the scope of the programs and infrastructure of the venue do not allow us to offer dance in 2010. In the future, we’d certainly like to!

Q. My spouse wants to come but he/she isn’t a musician. Is this possible?
A. Yes, non-participant attendees are welcome. Check the enrollment page for the latest pricing.

Q. Got a flyer I can print out?
A. Yes, we do:

Ubatuba Brazil Camp (Eng.)